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Neto Family

“They say it takes a village to raise children, but it takes a team of unselfish caregivers that volunteer their valued services to families like ours,” Grandparents Nancy and Jerry Neto.

Nancy and Jerry Neto are thankful for the volunteers and staff at the Ronald McDonald House of Providence who cared for their adult daughter, Andrea, after she gave birth to twin daughters eight weeks early. Nancy and Jerry were concerned about the well-being of Andrea, her newborn twins, her young son, and her husband. “With a toddler at home along with dad, (Andrea) did not know how she would juggle the daily commute from the hospital to home and back again. She needed to be with her babies at this critical time. The availability of the Ronald McDonald House was her life saver.”

RMH Providence provided Andrea with a “home” steps away from her daughters who she cared for day in and day out. Her son and husband were able to visit the House and enjoy the backyard playground. “In the evening (Andrea’s) short walk ‘home’ gave her respite with a cozy room and good food prepared by dedicated volunteers.” Nancy and Jerry realized that our House offers more than close proximity to the hospital, it is the people and emotional support that makes our House a remarkable resource. In fact, Nancy and Jerry thanked RMH Providence for its important role in getting the twins home healthy where Andrea and her husband now enjoy three thriving children.

As parents and grandparents, Andrea, Nancy and Jerry were willing to do whatever it took for the twins to be healthy. The twins needed the exceptional medical care provided by Women & Infants Hospital as they gained strength, ate on their own, and continued to grow. Andrea needed a place to stay where she could spend additional time with her babies and care for her own health and well-being. Nancy and Jerry witnessed RMH Providence make both of these things possible. All are overjoyed that Andrea’s beautiful family is together at home, and we are too.