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Chase and The Governor Pet Therapy Dog

Meet Chase!

You never think it will happen to you. But then, one day, it does. Melissa was a young nursing student, with a great heart for people in need. So she volunteered at Ronald McDonald House. She never imagined she would return — 10 years later — desperately in need of help, with her own child struggling in the hospital...

Cooper's Story!

You’ve known people like William and Jenna ... absolutely giddy with the news that they’re going to have a baby! They found out last July. They were so thrilled! But by January, they were reeling. Jenna was in the hospital. Medical complications mounted. The baby would be coming early — dangerously early.
Chloe's birthday

Chloe's Story

The time we spent at the Ronald McDonald House was unforgettable. Temporary housing doesn’t explain it at all. It is so much more than just a roof over your head. Our story started out in May 2017. Our beautiful and loving daughter Chloe was hospitalized at Boston Children’s Hospital with an eating disorder.
Alston Family

Alston Family

We’ve always planned on having children. We planned on what the baby’s name would be, we picked out cute baby clothing, and we planned what the room would look like. We thought we planned for everything.
Azize Family

Francis' Story

When 20 doctors and nurses are crowded into the delivery room, you know something’s wrong.
Shelby pictured with a horse

Shelby's Story

No warning — no reason — just the sudden, horrible nightmare of a child going into seizures.
family photo Melinda

Melinda's Story

My prior knowledge of what a Ronald McDonald House is, became completely shattered after my month extended stay, last month.
Dzioba Family on a swing

Dzioba Family

Hello my name is April. In the past year I have bought a house with my fiancé, got engaged and was blessed with a baby girl in November.
RMH Child photo


On April 16, 2016 our son was diagnosed with PANDAS-Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections.
McFarland family

McFarland Family

I traveled to Newport, RI from State College, PA to attend my husband, John's graduation from the Navy's Officer Candidate School. Our son, John, was born at Newport Hospital through an emergency c-section, we were not expecting his arrival.
Nina Christine Family

Nina & Christine

It started with a phone call. A call that no parent wants to receive.
Jackson Belanger 2.5 years

Belanger Family

It's been just shy of 2 years since we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Providence. Those were the toughest days.