A House Built by Love

In the mid-1980’s, a group of concerned individuals from Women & Infants’ and Rhode Island Hospitals met to discuss the issue of parents and relatives sleeping on hospital chairs overnight in order to be closer to their children. This initial conversation sparked much interest.

Through the hard work of many volunteers and with generous community support, the Providence Ronald McDonald House was created. The House opened its doors on November 6, 1989.

Where We Stand Today

For nearly 30 years, RMH Providence has been the only organization in Rhode Island to provide a home for families in medical crisis. In 2015, RMH Providence embarked on a $5 Million expansion to meet the increasing needs of children and their families. Now the House offers 28 guest rooms each with a private bathroom. A large kitchen, family room with play area, laundry facilities and fitness room are all available to our guest families. The House also offers programs that promote wellness and relaxation as well as a home cooked meal each night.

In addition to its close proximity to medical facilities, the House offers something even more important – the support that comes from being able to talk and share concerns with other parents going through similarly difficult situations.

Our services have expanded to include a Ronald McDonald Family Room on the 4th floor of Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to our community of supporters, we are able to continue keeping families close when it means the most.