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McCreedy Family

The “back to school” time of the year is full of excitement and anticipation.  Conor McCreedy was looking forward to starting sixth grade and entering the middle school.

When Conor first fell ill, it seemed to be a run-of-the-mill case of strep throat.  But then the illness took an ugly turn.  Soon Conor was unable to walk, his vision deteriorated and he could no longer read or write.  He then experienced stomach pain, leg pain, and began fainting several times a day.  The seemingly ordinary illness began viciously attacking the boy’s brain and nervous system.

His parents, Jim and Maureen, searched in desperation for answers.  They visited doctor after doctor, hospital after hospital.  Finally, their anguished journey brought them from their home in New Jersey all the way to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence.  Hasbro has a specialized program, unique on the East Coast, for children with Conor’s condition.

Jim and Maureen found themselves far from home, exhausted and worried, urgently needing a place to rest.  Thanks to the hospital staff, the McCreedy family learned about RMH Providence, and were able to call our House “Home” while Conor received treatment.

“The role that Ronald McDonald House plays is absolutely vital.  Conor would not be recovering but for the doctors and nurses at Hasbro.  “Our family would not have access to the Hasbro professionals but for the selfless dedication of the staff and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House.”

In the midst of the pain and confusion — when a family’s whole world has been turned upside down —RMH Providence gave the McCreedy family a gift of hope and healing.

As we embark on another September, we are pleased to share Conor has made a full recovery.