Edward Little Ed Holewiak III

The Holewiak family of Somerset, Massachusetts, was devastated when their son, Ed, suffered a seizure and collapsed into an irreversible coma. Seizures were not new to 16-year-old “Little Ed” but this one ended tragically. Grief-stricken and heart-broken, the Holewiak family doesn’t recall much about the family’s week-long, emotional stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

The family searched for a meaningful way to memorialize Little Ed and to demonstrate their affection and thankfulness to the House. The idea for a bike run seemed natural since there had always been a few motorcycles around while Little Ed was growing up.

The Holewiak family organized their first memorial bike run in 2003. Since then, it developed into a two-day event and cumulatively raised more than $240,000 for the House.

Little Ed Holewiak